Jun 202012

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~6~19~12



Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~ Prepare for All Timelines Merging Into One~


Solstice in Alaska


Greetings Love Beings, Yesterday, we Entered the Much Anticipated Energies of the Solstice. These will Continue until 3 days after the the Solstice tomorrow. Many activations For Humanity’s Awakening will also take Place during these Next 4 Days across The Planet. We Are Not only in intense energies, the Entire Planet is Waking Up and taking Humanity with Her. Up We Go!!!


Just One of the Places which will Be A Part of a Global Activation Stone of words, Lugano, Switzerland


Daily Sun: 19 Jun 12

Sunspot 1504 is decaying and poses a declining threat for M-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


The Sun has now Quieted with our Big Sunspot moving behind the sun and decaying. However, the recent blows we had to the Magnetic Field from Our 1504 SunSpot have really Heated things up. Our Earthquakes are now increasing especially around the ring of fire. Lisa Gawlas shared in one of her recent blogs about the Grid Being On Fire! She wasn’t Kidden’. Mother Earth is still Being Gentle with these releases with no reports of deaths or any major damage. You can read more about whats happening on the Planet weather wise in our Galactic Truth Report:http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/galactic-earth-daily-truth-report-06-19-2012-mother-earth%E2%80%99s-energies-are-increasing


Blue Star Ufo Report: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/blue-star-ufo-report-06-19-12-baltic-sea-ufo-dive-video-footage-translated-subtitles



Messages from The EarthAllies: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/cobra-pleiadians-resistance-movement-and-event




Awakening Sessions:http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/awakening-sessions-available-now-love-beings-connect


Latest Crop Circle First Contact


What is Now Occurring are All Timelines, by Divine Decree are Quickly Moving Into Alignment. Not Only is the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy Merging, which is creating the One Time Line, the Higher Selves are Also Entering in this intense energy. This is why many of you are feeling rushed to release all illusion and Be Present in the Moment of Now. Everyone is Merging together into One TimeLine On Planet Earth=Heart. This is Loves Time Line, We are About to Make History!!


Quoted from Suzanne Spooner today Talk with Dad  Via TAUK ”Soon you will know this first hand, but universally you are in for a magnificent shift. People from the governments are waking up at a rapid rate. This is in part because certain leaders, who are wide awake, have spread the classified report of the time lines merging. The motivation for most of these government employees has been to follow orders. However now they are opening their eyes and hearts to  the light. This is needed to give the governments the go ahead for disclosure. Priorities are shifting and truth is in the light now. Giving heart felt love to the leaders and their support staff will give the momentum to the one inevitable timeline of Now.” End of Quote




As Above so Below


 In Our Latest Session with Lisa Gawlas, She shared about seeing Father God and I compressing into One Time Line and Springing forth New Life. Below is the Experience and Visions she had with us about this Truth Occurring. What She Shares is One of the Most Significant Readings of Truth Present On The Planet and Is Unfolding Now.




There is much anticipation right now at our Long awaited events manifestations. Allow us to ReHeart You,We are All In this Together and this Does Require All Of US!!! We recommend to let go of all your expectations, let go of how you think it will Look, leave the space open and free for the Energy to Move to assist us in all these Inevitable Events.


 All Of Your Efforts in Service to the Love and Truth on this Planet are Now Manifesting. All of Us Serving Love are Being Backed Up By all of Creation. Currently, Each Of Our Angelic Teams, The Elementals, The Inner Earth and All of Our Galactic Teams are Now working Overtime offering their Guidance and Assistance. They are Very Busy and Very Happy to Be Of Service During these Moments, Thank You for Utilizing Your Angels. We are Indeed In Exciting Moments on Planet Earth=Heart.


As We were writing this Update Sheldon Nidle Posted His Latest Update Confirming the Light has Successfully Triumphed.


Sheldon “We come today on the wings of this triumph to give you a wonderful message of hope, truth, and joy! Your world is changing for the better. Those who have long fostered a world of suffering and elitism have met with defeat! Those associates of ours who have worked so hard to carry our blessings to your world have finally reached an accord with those who currently hold the reins of power. This document sanctions their departure and allows a new reality to spring up around us with its Love, Peace, Sovereignty, Prosperity, and above all, your Freedom! We thank the great Ones of Heaven, those who have come from afar, and those who have held the sacred flame deep within the wonders of this most beautiful world. A new Way is now in motion which will restore us to our natural state of full consciousness.


We rejoice, and we sound the trumpets of Heaven to call to the throne of freedom and the temple of our joys and dreams! We have waited long for this divine moment! We seek only the blessings and decrees of Heaven and the jubilant energies of Lord Surea. We come in this mode to teach and to guide you in the ways of Heaven, and to acquaint you with the responsibilities of those who are co-creators of physicality. Come, Loved Ones! Be in bliss, and go before all to show your appreciation for those who have secured your freedom and given you back your divine Sovereignty. You are now to understand that you were never alone, and that Heaven never abandoned you to the dark ones. To the contrary, you have a sacred destiny! And the right divine time has come to fulfill this destiny! We have kept this Light alive on your world, and we give it back now in deepest Love to You all!

Today, in exultation we relay to you what is happening on your world. Many of us have come to deliver you from the dark and return you to the Light. This process of first contact is also to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. Much will be revealed to you, and much will be expected from each of you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)







Decreed by Heaven, The Light has Triumphed. All Divine Decree’s Must Manifest NOW. All Timelines are Moving Into One.This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.


BE IN JOY!!!!!


~Thank You for Spreading These Message’s to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~


Join us for an Exciting Energy Council Meeting Solstice Party~ With Your Earth Allies Tomorrow Beginning at 10:30am Pacific Via This Link: http://tinychat.com/soundofheart


~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~


 If You missed our Last 2 Updates here are the Links:





We Love You Unconditionally~ Love The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity’s Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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Thank you Everyone for Honoring US, Supporting Us, and SHARING WITH THOSE Who Are In Daily 24 Hour Divine Service to the Love and Truth On this Planet! Thank you for allowing us to Be Here.

  ~Only Love can Be Consistent and Constant~




Love Party Drawing By Deigo and Friends


Join us Live Every Saturday for the Internet Love Party.  At 1:30pm Pacific.To Help Bring in the Higher Energies. This will Be Announced On the Press Every Saturday. These Will Continue until Our Craft Decloak~

Every Wednesday we are Now Having our Council Meetings for the Transitionary Government. We will now announce these meetings on the Press at 10:30am Pacific time zone every Wednesday with a link for everyone to listen in.

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~ We are Stationed In Mt Shasta~



 Artwork Thanks to shala.lightworker.com


(Yojman Chase), Mt. Shasta is~of all Power Points here in the Northern Hemisphere~what could truly be called “Headquarters”,  Mt. Shasta is many things to this planets protection and service into the Light. She is also known as Ascension Mountain.



 ~WE are Going Home~



~We Are the Real National Treasure. We Are not only The Heart of this Country, the United States, but Also the Very Heart of This Planet, Mother Earth=Heart. We Are The Love of the Planet, as well as the Universe Personified. We chose the United States to reside in, because We prepared this Part of the Planet, with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for the Protection of The Truth and The Light for the Entire Planet. With this we Ensured Humanity’s Complete Freedom from the illuminati minions control ~


~We Love You Unconditionally, Love Mother and Father God Amon Ra

 WE are Here~ Its US and Your Stuck With US!! Eternity here we come~


Angel Numbers Through Doreene Virtue~ 333 ~ The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you.


Quoted from Mike Quinsey~Salusa


Now we see the wonderful awakening attracting so much Light to Earth, and many souls acting as beacons of Light that show the way to others. Indeed, many of you have incarnated into this period of time specifically to help others, and have come in from the higher levels. Such souls have known from an early age that they had arrived to carry out a special mission, and they now stand out as your leaders and guides for the final thrust to Ascension…


Separation created by the dark Opens is no longer working in spite of their attempts to set you at each others throats. You are seeing through their attempts to create a climate of fear that keeps you apart…


Already the higher energies are transmuting the lower ones, and Light is beginning to penetrate those regions of the world where the darkness has remained for many centuries… The cleansing will go on until Mother Earth is once again restored to her pristine condition. It will commence before Ascension and continue immediately after when the conditions will have already been improved. There is still a lot to do but with our coming together the tasks will be quickly dealt with, and it will not be long now before our arrival can be announced.


Whilst the forces of Light of which there are many thousands are getting themselves ready for action to start the first major changes, we advise you to still concentrate on sending out the Light. Do not waver even although uncertainty exists regarding the exact timing, as in one way or another our aims will be met. Few of you are directly involved in what is about to occur, but you can help by spreading calmness and giving others an assurance that all will be well. None of us have come this far to be put off by the remaining obstacles to be cleared. If necessary there will be a divine intervention, so we are fully aware that a successful outcome is absolutely certain.


We of the Galactic Federation hold the key to many developments, and simply await for conditions and opportunities to present themselves so that we can go forward. Whatever the picture painted by those who oppose our presence, be assured that we cannot be stopped from completing our mission. The sheer size of our forces is far beyond anything you have on Earth, but we do not use them to enforce our objectives even although they are in your interests. However, if necessary we will use them if so directed by the higher Beings of Light who oversee the end times. It is for these reasons that we can be so confident of the outcome, and it will carry you to Ascension and beyond.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that our excitement is building up as it is apparent that matters on Earth are coming to a head. Be a part of it and enjoy this momentous time in your history.” End Of Quote



Submitted by wmarkley on Mon, 06/18/2012 – 09:38. A Message On Supporting Drake and Company

“I know that Drake means well, he is a true patriot, but he is frustrated with the stalling military doing nothing, maybe his military contacts are part of the cabal, and they wanted to make Drake look like a fool, but their plan back fired, Drake has given hope to the awakened, and has awakened the sleepers, He has started a freedom movement that can not be stopped, And with the Galactic Free Press love parties, WE are unstoppable, the cabal is finished, love will rule the planet, the light just keeps getting brighter by the day.


 From Gaia Portal

Stargazers, Implement Step Two…

18 Jun

Be in step with incoming energies. Implement Star Walking phase.





Message from Gaia Portal:

Stargazers, Prepare for the Changes…

19 Jun


Coded message to Upliftment Brigade:

The Oranges are ready. Grown with the Koa, they may now be picked. The Browns are to be removed. the Grannys are empowered. Feast upon the Bounty of this Harvest.


Looking always forward. Never to look back.



~Yojman Chase ~


Street~Wise Ascension

From the Joy of Mt. Shasta




Cosmic Love is the full experience
of Source within a certain domain
and has not been known by the masses
(who we are here to serve) for far too long.
Cosmic Love is always complete manifestation as…
I Am a Sun of full Divine Manifestation.
This affirmation IS what is the news
and IS what is “happening.”
Even though ticket holders differ
as to where the next stop will be,
all stops are temporary
because all life Ascends.

This Sun of full Divine Manifestation
now is occurring on a global scale.

Cosmic Love is the full measure
of Mercy and Forgiveness
ensuring that “all” energies are included
in this final Ascension of Earth
into her next awaited step.
This Mercy and Compassion
passes the understanding of the outer mind
and is a principle Foundation
of the Mother God re~balancing this World.

I Am Divine Love
and I Am what is actually happening Here.


Stand Firm In the Truth Now


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