Shanta Gabriel – Archangel Gabriel – A Message For Equinox – Planting The Garden Of Our Soul

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Mar 132013

Dear Ones,

Planting the Garden of your Soul invites the Grace of the Angels to work in your daily life. This focused activity demonstrates your desire to co-create what you need to harvest a more bountiful future.

The northern hemisphere will experience the Spring Equinox on March 20, a season of new birth and renewal. If you are in the southern hemisphere, planting your inner garden now will allow you to create a winter focus that will bloom in its proper time. Equinox is the optimum time to plant your personal garden of  powerful intentions within your being. This timely action will bring great rewards as you till the rich and fertile soil of your soul, elevate your thoughts and activate new life within and around you.

What does it mean to plant the Garden of your Soul? It is really very simple. What are the qualities you most want to see manifest in your life? What are your goals and dreams for a joyous future? What needs have to be met so you can be happy? These are the seeds to plant within the garden of your being.

When you plant the seeds of growth and renewal, it can be a fun, creative and positive way to promote a joyous, abundant life. Consider those things you most want to have thriving in your interior garden. Maybe you would like to plant the fertile seeds that lead to Abundant Prosperity? Perhaps you want to empower the seeds of Harmony in all your relationships? What about planting the seeds for Health and Well Being deeply within your heart so they can grow with zest and vibrancy? The soil of joyous potential exists within you and awaits your attention. Continue reading »

Archangel Gabriel Helps Deal with The Emotions of Change

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Nov 212012

a message from Diana Cooper

What a month it has been. I think everyone has been challenged. In addition all our stuff is coming up to be dealt with. Changes that are overdue are confronting us. We are meeting people or situations from our past and memories are flooding to the surface.

This is all part of the clearance so that we are ready for the cosmic moment. Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional for fear, tears and anger that have been long kept in check are being freed now. These are our own inner earthquakes, floods and storms that are helping to clear and purify our energy fields. Feel the feelings and then call on the angels to help you with clarity and transmutation. Continue reading »

Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: Joyous Expectation

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Nov 172012

As channeled by Shelley Young – November 11

Alice C: Although it’s been nearly a week since the 11:11 shift, this from Archangel Gabriel still merits a read for its wonderfully uplifting and reassuring message.

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. We applaud you for making the time to come and be here and participate in the massive energies of the group today and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We are so very excited for the energies that you are in right now. You are in a time of great acceleration, acceleration that you have not experienced in your lifetimes thus far. We understand when you are in accelerated movement it can be disconcerting. It can be difficult to keep your balance but you are all doing wonderfully, let us reassure you.

You are taking your job so beautifully seriously. You are accomplishing much, Dear Ones, in fact, we would say that many of you are accomplishing more in your months and years than many have experienced in lifetimes. That is how accelerated your growth and movement is at this time, and we would like to address that today.

The level of acceleration that you are experiencing right now on your planet will continue right up until you shift into the energies of 2013. You will have event after event, all designed to move you forward in exactly the ways that are required. You cannot make a mistake. Please hear us when we say this! The universe, the helpers, your higher selves, your human selves, the planet – everything is working together in a beautiful ballet moving you forward towards the pivotal event of the galactic alignment on December 21, 2012.

These are the moments that your soul has incarnated to experience, right now. This is why your soul chose to be here. This is why you have had the many experiences within your life expression. It has all been for these right now moments. You are living it, you have done it. The entire universe is watching, bursting with love, for what you have achieved and what you are creating. Continue reading »

Living in Radiant Fields of Light

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Nov 092012

By Shanta Gabriel

From the beginning of my association with Archangel Gabriel in 1990, the messages I received were full of CAPITALS. There were words I did not commonly use, such as Harmony, Joy, Wellbeing, Beauty, Peace — and always Light. He said these were qualities of spiritual consciousness and when I used them and integrated them into my being, my life would be transformed.

It took more training to translate these “vague” ideals into the factual awareness that those very words impacted the magnetic fields surrounding my body. I then discovered there were magnetic fields around every cell within my body, including my DNA. I was told that lifting my vibrational frequency attracted these qualities of consciousness into my daily life.

Archangel Gabriel gave me many reminders of the importance of using different ways to raise my energy frequencies. (See archived message here.) They were curiously similar to what my guru taught me more than a dozen years before. Certain activities that had become a part of my spiritual practice for years took on a greater relevance with these new messages.

I had been taught to create a sacred space where I would go every day so it could build energy. The idea being that once I created a place that is holy to me used only for prayers, meditation and other sacred activities, my vibrational frequency would automatically increase when I go to that area. Having a sacred space not only enhanced my spiritual practice, it allowed me to have a special place for my new Angelic communion and brought more of my spiritual life into my daily world. Continue reading »

Focused Creation, Balance and Becoming the Flow ~ Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel

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Jun 262012

Focused Creation, Balance and Becoming the Flow ~ Channeled June 21, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence tonight. We invite you, in this now moment, to feel the spirit helpers, the guides, your ancestors, the ascended masters, and of course, the angelic that have all gathered in this space to honour you on this place on your journey. We honour you for being part of the energies of the group and of course, when we mean group, as always, it means not only those who are sitting in the room today but also those who will be experiencing the transmission on your internet at a later time. You understand that as there really is no time and space, the energies of this now moment are available to all.

What a momentous time! We are so thrilled for you that you have crossed into the second pivotal portion of this amazing, incredible, unprecedented year. You have made it. You have released. You have worked so hard on yourselves, Dear Ones, and you are here. Your soul rejoices in the fact that you are sitting in these energies that you have integrated and have become so much more comfortable in.

We have spoken of the first half of this year being about letting go of what no longer served you. We understand to many of you it has been feeling like a never-ending process. You have been being refined as you cleanse and purge over and again, squeezing out what no longer serves you, reaching levels of purity in the body that you have not held before. You have worked hard. We understand that it has not been an easy road for many of you. When we say that you have refined yourselves, that you have purified yourselves, we mean that you have let go of the illusion and that you are embodying more and more of the pure essence of who you really are and are beginning to let it shine unimpeded. You have been releasing the parts that no longer serve, that do not honour you, that stand in the way of you stepping into your full glory. Continue reading »

This Is The Time to Let Go of Fear

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Jun 262012

Dear One,

When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion.  It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured.  When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are walking off a cliff.  It is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life.  When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light.  Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace.

The saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” is true.  Fear can play in your imagination until you are immobilized.  From this place you can easily sink into the pits of despair.  It will feel as though you are not moving toward your destiny, and that is the most fear-filled place of all.  This fear will play upon your issues of worthiness, because in your heart you want most of all to add value to the world. Continue reading »

Heavenly Blessings by InLight Radio in Spirituality Thu, June 21, 2012

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Jun 222012

Our guest will be Archangel Gabriel who will provide us gifts and guidance to help us feel secure and well cared for during this period of transition, and so we can fulfill our mission and purpose. We will also talk about the significance of the Summer Solstice and how it’s bringing about movement and action among individuals and the collective.

Music:  Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun

Listen live Thursday evening at 7pm EST by calling in or clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.

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Bridging Heaven and Earth

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Jun 122012

Bridging Heaven and Earth has become the empowerment of this age. Never before have the spiritual frequencies supported the level of ascension possible for this connection to occur. Never has the Love of God and Creative Wisdom been so available for the download of energy that floods your being with grace. Great Harmony is the result when you allow expansion to occur so that the Divine can be embraced in your daily life.

How does this occur? All you need is the willingness to let go of fear and open into a new way of being. Your consciousness can shift on the proverbial dime enabling you to accept high frequencies of Divine Energy into the brain stem. This opens the medulla for creativity to take place in your life on a grand scale.

Creativity is the missing link many times. When your world seems flat and dull, it’s creativity you need. When your life is confusing and overwhelming, creativity will open the doorways of heaven and allow new awareness to take place, and when your life looks so scary, it takes great courage to peek around the corner – it is creativity that will change the way you perceive.

Creative flow of Divine Energy is the heavenly component that will bring awakening into your life. You can receive the help you need for the connecting link that awakens you to possibilities that can bridge Heaven and Earth. Continue reading »

Formulas, Venus Transit, Slumber Parties And Things To Come* ~ God & Gabriel Channeled By Suzanne Spooner Of TAUK June 5, 2012

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Jun 052012

June 5, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy Dear. So much has occurred in a short time, let’s catch up. First, you have updated your formula for TAUK. Let’s remember the significance for the formula. Your original formula was actually your SRT Prep to Work. This worked well for your initial contact. As time went on, we worked together to develop a system for The Art of Universal knowing. The formula is a way for humans to untangle themselves from ego, perform downloads and clearings and to raise their vibrations and frequencies so that their High Self has a clearer connection to their conscious self. This is what opens a human to their knowing that they are one with All. As time speeds up during this Golden Age of Enlightenment, from time to time it is good to check and see if your formula is in need of a fine tuning. Please make this known to the current TAUKers. Periodically check to see if former statements can be removed and if new statements should be added. This will eliminate static between messengers and their messages.

Second, is the Venus Transit and what this means to humanity and beyond. The venus transit is another important occasion in the ascension of Gaia. This occasion is one in a long line of events, planned eons ago to assist in your dimensions transition to your new world. The venus transit is the transfer of masculine power to feminine knowing. It is the end of alignments to warring mentalities. More over it is the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Continue reading »

Jun 032012

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

May 31, 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love known as support.

This quality is one that is an enabling, encouraging one. When one person is in need in their life, another that cares for them utilizes this quality in whatever way seems best to give courage, inspiration, hope and forbearance to the one in need.

This quality is one that is manifested often from the Angelic realms as they respond to your calls for assistance. It is a way to help lighten the load of another to uplift their spirit to a happier mood.

Whenever any endeavors are taken on, having support from the ones around you can help bring it into manifestation. When this quality is given freely, the fruition of One’s desires comes into being with much greater ease and grace.

It brings joy and a sense of knowing that all will be well and that you are not alone. There is an element of going beyond Oneself in the giver of this quality which empowers them to continue to offer support. The giver, by giving this quality also receives this quality in return when in a position of needing it.

Those in a close relationship give this quality to each other on a daily basis and it keeps them aligned to each other and their commitment to enjoy a happy and meaningful relationship. Continue reading »

May 252012
I very much enjoyed what Archangel Gabrielle had to say last night on Heavenly Blessings. Here’s an excerpt. You can listen to the entire program at the URL below.  I think we need all the information we can get on what the Transition this month consists of and what its effects will be. Archangel Gabrielle was speaking through Linda Dillon and Graham Dewyea hosted the show.

Archangel Gabrielle on Heavenly Blessings, May 24, 2012

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The energies you are receiving through the transmission of the Transition is exceptionally strong and I tell you, as the messenger of the One, that there is no intention, no plan to vary this, to turn it down at all. If anything, my beloved ones, you may feel it growing stronger and stronger and stronger within you. Continue reading »

A Message From God & Gabriel ~ The Importance Of ‘Powering Down’ And A Deeper Understanding (For Me) Of The Photon Belt Alignment ~ Channeled By Suzanne Spooner Of TAUK May 21, 2012

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May 222012


May 21, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel.] Hello Suzy & welcome back! [Thank you, it has been a longer break from TAUK than I thought I would have. It feels great to connect again!] We know that you have imagined this time away as a time for introspection. As you tended to your child and understood your role as a mom, you gave permission to your High Self to privately upgrade your HS’s love & joy. This upgrade was a re-boot necessary for the shift. You needed to ‘power-down’ to accomplish this and this is why you felt disconnected energetically while in Florida. [I thought I felt that due to the stress of getting a child through a medical situation.] That was part of the journey but you also needed the time to re-boot. It all is in perfect order. Continue reading »

May 182012

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
May 17, 2012

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as commitment. This quality is one that requires a dedication to a person, activity or a cause. It brings out a desire to share One’s energy with others in a benevolent and caring way.

It elicits feelings of good fellowship, friendship and camaraderie and all parties benefit from this. It is saying that One is willing to take responsibility for ensuring and enabling the desire to maintain these feelings for the greater good of all.

This desire is shared by all parties who also take responsibility to maintain positive relations in a loving interaction one with the other.

In a relationship between two people, this quality is necessary to create the feeling of a firm foundation upon which both individuals can rely as the basis of their honoring of each other. When both individuals honor each other by their fidelity to this quality of Love, the Love between them grows, blossoms and expands into greater influence for good between themselves and with others in their sphere of influence.

This quality is recognized by others as a healthy boundary in that relationship and is readily honored and adhered to. This creates Divine order in all relations the two individuals have with each other and the feelings of rightness and blessedness are very evident to all.

In a community there are always positions that come available where an individual or individuals may take part in order to accomplish a largerobjective that will bring benefit to all. This quality is required to see the project through to a satisfactory completion. Continue reading »

Apr 272012

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana
April 26, 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love called kindness.

This quality moves within the hearts of people and encourages them to put themselves into the place of the other person thereby feeling empathy for the situation they are in and then, showing these Ones kindness by performing deeds or actions or saying a few words that express this empathy by the act of kindness.

This quality has been known to virtually change the lives of people who were in a place in their life’s journey that could have gone in a downward spiral.

Kindness has the effect of heartening individuals when they most need it. It moves people’s hearts to express the other qualities of Love towards each other. If a person who was down on their luck experienced kindness by receiving help in whatever form was needed by those around them, their hearts would not experience pain or suffering but rather would they be uplifted and inspired to continue to persevere until their wheel of fortune changed for the better. Continue reading »

Heavenly Blessings with Archangel Gabriel

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Apr 132012

Linda Dillon channels Archangel Gabriel who discusses manifesting our desires with his magnets, and protection with his filters. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

We discuss how the energies on the planet are intense right now. Love is being beamed to the planet which can feel overwhelming at times and also blissful. Our vibrations are rising.

Linda leads us through a meditation of gratitude.
Archangel Gabriel reminds us not to forget our golden heart of joy and courage. He gives us his golden magnets, which are an important tool for ascension. We are becoming transdimensional beings and co-creators of what is to come. The magnets help us attract what we deeply desire to create and the fulfillment of our mission and purpose. It has never been more important for us to be anchored to Gaia.

He tells us one of the key components to creation is to be clear what you are asking for. It is important to assign timelines to what you are asking for. If something doesn’t come when you are wanting it, don’t give up on it. The heavenly realm is working on it.

He tells us the creation formula is intent+still point+action=creation, and always in joy, gratitude and love.  Allow what you are creating to be delivered to you. The still point is where the bringing into physicality is taking place. He tells us that human beings don’t dream nearly enough. Usually, when you have a burning desire, it is aligned with your soul contract.  It is important to ask for karmic dispensation.

Archangel Gabriel also offers his filters, which are also important for ascension. The filters filter out what is not of purity, love and wholeness. They allow only the highest good to enter within and protect you from drama and chaos that is still on the planet.

Music:  Sasha Lazard, Angeli and Snatam Kaur, Long Time Sun

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Archangel Gabriel: A Message from the Creator – Prepare for Change!

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Apr 082012

Hark! I AM Archangel Gabriel, Lilly of love and messenger of the creator in your realm and many others! I come to you with love from the infinite heart of one. Within this time many things are about to transpire that will change your world. Do not see any of these happenings in fear, rather see them as joy for you are about to be set free. This action of love from the creator is a part of the divine mothers plan. The divine plan calls for the breathing of the Christ conscious back into the earth realm and into the heart of humanity. This plan is an act of unconditional love for all of God’s creation.

We come to you to tell you that there will be many things happening that will seem out of place to you. There will be changes in the way you live and how you interact with each other. New ways of thinking will emerge from the chaos of change that may be foreign to the old energy ways. We ask you to open your hearts and meet with each other on common ground in things you have in common. Work on knowing that real living for each human has the same basic wants and needs. It is others that have given some of you the ideal that others live differently from you and are a danger to you.

The time has come that you are needed to walk together and drop your fearful ways of the past. This is the dawn of a new beginning for Gaia and humanity. New technology and abundance systems are in the wings ready to spring forth into your lives. Once these systems are in place you will be ready to help each other into a system of world wide peace and abundance.

The time to prepare yourself for the change of the world is now. We ask you to contemplate how your life would be different if most of what you have been taught is found to be untruthful. We ask you to visualize a world that has free energy where all have an abundance of food and shelter. We ask you to have visions of peace, prosperity and abundance for all. Peace, prosperity and abundance is the creators plan for you and it shall be done! It will be your choice whether you want to ascend into the new age or remain in another world in the lower energies. Before the transition is complete you will all have sufficient knowledge and preparedness to make the best decision for you soul’s need.

I bid you peace and love until we meet again! Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel Gabriel: My Golden Heart of Love

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Mar 262012

I see you in the depth of your divine heart. It is a place of total stillness and BEING. From within this spot there is only truth, a truth that shines forth from a golden heart. Take my golden ray of unconditional love and overlay it into your heart. Call on this golden heart I share and enfold yourself and others in this ray of love. It is a multidimensional gift I bring you out of the creators realm. This realm is before creation and is infinite in love.

Know in every moment that you are really a spiritual being of infinite compassion. This compassion has been only monetarily hidden from your heart. As the great energies of your sun unfold, you will bear this compassion before all. This unconditional love of BEING will soar above all. In your love for others the creator will bless you and you will bear the divine fruit of compassion. This is the hand of God you freely give to others so they can fulfill their call.

This service to others will give glory to your golden heart. As you shine your love all the rays of light will come together and joy, bliss and strength will be present for you all. This is a holy endeavor that you came into this world to give. In this great time you will remember why you came here and a Golden Age will be produced with your Golden Heart of love.

As your heart opens your hand will reach out to all others. As you help them up you will give thanks for the creators blessing of this unified love. You will see the unity of all in creation and you will demonstrate this in your life. As your spirit blossoms through your work to deliver compassion and love, the universe will take note that you are all one.

I give you this song of wisdom and love that you wear my Golden Heart in love and compassion for all others! I AM Archangel Gabriel and I love your through the unconditional love of the infinite creator!

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Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love which Manifests Itself as Balance

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Mar 232012

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

March 22, 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love which manifests itself as balance. This is an attribute that is extremely important for these changing times upon the Earth.

Without the ability to maintain balance within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, it is very difficult for a person to function effectively in the World. Cultivating balance is a fine art that requires diligence and perseverance.

It requires the knowing of Oneself, first and foremost – all your strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, preponderances, skills, talents, and abilities, including mental and emotional patterns that you may carry within your Being.

Once these are recognized as uniquely yours, the next step is to begin to recognize these inclinations in your daily activities as they surface and begin to work on those areas where you ascertain that ‘work’ is needed in order to become a fully integrated Human Being.

When One is in balance within their system, the events in life flow in harmony and peace and One does not require great amounts of energy to expend in course correction because all events are accepted harmoniously as they happen and dealt with in equilibrium. This facilitates an even flow of energy between event and response to the event that can be most empowering.

As you walk your daily life in balance, you open yourself up to higher influxes of creativity, ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. The life force energy is readily and easily available to you when you need it and you are guided to do what needs to be done without too much thought or effort involved, you simply know it is the right thing to do and you do it. When this occurs it can be said that you are operating from an inspired level of Being.

When One is in balance with all their inclinations as an individual, One operates in tune with the Universe and its sacred laws, and life is experienced with grace and ease.

This quality of Love within individuals also ensures that balance in the atmosphere around the Earth is perpetuated. This is why we stress so often in our messages that the balancing of your thoughts, words, deeds and actions can change the dynamics of the mass consciousness field, which in turn influences each and every Human Being on the Earth, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

The energy output from each individual contributes its influence to the greater Whole and this is the area in which each individual can do the most incredible work in these changing times simply by being responsible for what they put into that mass consciousness field.

When One is in balance within all aspects of their Being, they are most pleasant to be around and others will naturally gravitate towards such a One because their auric field radiates peace and harmony with all life.

There is a joyousness, innocence and enthusiasm that is transmitted to the people around them which inspires, blesses and uplifts in loving and lovely ways. Balance in a person opens them up to greater fields of possibilities and potentials from a higher level of consciousness which can serve to propel people forward on their evolutionary path and inspire those around them to emulate their example which then spreads further into the World creating great good .

Stay in balance and equilibrium, Dear Ones, and you will do the World and everyone in it a great service.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

Mar 142012

I send you the light of unconditional love! How do you perceive love as it enters your awareness? In your dimensional awareness love and light can and is seen in different ways. In the 3rd dimension you see love through an awareness of how it makes you feel. This feeling is in regards to your ego and your spiritual awareness. We say you feel love and you say I am loved when the emotion feels good to your body and ego awareness. This is not a full understanding of love and does not define the light and unconditional love of the universe.

In order to understand the light of unconditional love one has to purify their energy and move into a state of being. Purification is the process of forgiving and letting go that which is not in alignment with your higher good. Letting go of lower energies brings a lightness to your being and creates a springboard to higher awareness.

How do we identify and understand which lower energies are holding us back? You must practice watching your feelings and thoughts. You must test these feelings and thoughts in your heart. How does your heart feel as you experience an emotion or see a thought. Is your heart heavy of feel free. These are all signs of how an energy is affecting you. When you recognize an energy or pattern that makes you feel bad you need to look at it and release the pattern. You can visualize holding the pattern in your hands and throwing it into the air and seeing the pattern scatter into the wind. At the same time say to yourself that you love this pattern however you no longer need it and you are moving into a higher state of love.

Sometimes these patterns of old energy take many times of review and release for you to accept that you truly have surrendered them from yourself. Seek to become pure in your thoughts, actions and heart. Ask the company of heaven to assist you and we will! Within the purity of your energy and spirit you will gravitate to a state of higher being! In your purity you will emit and attract the pure light of unconditional love and be able to transfer this love to others with great power and awareness.

I am Archangel Uriel and I send you the great light of unconditional love through my purity and divine perfection!

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Mar 142012

Graham Dewyea presents Heavenly Blessings, with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. Our guest is Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel is the Lily of Love, the Archangel of joy, the spokesbeing for the Council of Love, the messenger from the heavenly realms, and the central administrator for this universe and other universes.

He tells us he is here to assist us and encourages us to ask for help. We are loved. Each of us are holy and sacred. We chose our bodies. The central core of our body is the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul, where love lives. All aspects have been integrated and reside here. This is a time of rebirth, Ascension and celebration. None of us came to live in unhappiness. It takes courage to step into the unknown, to stand and take action when you feel isolated in your beliefs. It is time to awaken. We are agents of change.

He shares his golden heart of joy and courage through meditation.

Linda and Graham discuss how joy is a choice and how to stay in joy, including having a daily joy ritual, and referring to Archangel Gabriel’s meditation.

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