John Smallman – Jesus – There Is An Enormous Influx Of New Information Being Offered

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Mar 102013

john-blog-pics-0135You are all moving very positively and determinedly towards waking up out of your illusory state.  It has been a long time since you started, and there have been many distractions along the way as your egos attempted to derail the waking process.  But your intent has always been to awaken, because you are one with God, always, and therefore your will is in alignment with His, even though, as you experience yourselves in the illusory environment that you built, that does not very often appear to be the case.  The illusion has been a very dark place and that makes it difficult for you to see clearly.

However, the strength of your desire to awaken has intensified enormously over the last five or six decades, and as a result, there has been a monumental increase in the Light shining in your darkness.  No one now remains unaware of the Light, although many are still refusing to acknowledge It.  Because the individual energy fields of the Light-bearers and wayshowers have moved more and more into alignment with Reality – the divine energy field of God’s Love – and are in fact melding and integrating with It, those individual energy fields are no longer experienced as individual, and now united, they are powerfully and constantly influencing the energy field of every single human presently embodied on Earth.  There are no exceptions: every human is being reminded of their origin and their destiny. Continue reading »

Nov 102012

Posted by Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael

Several sources have brought to our attention the importance of 11/11, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012. Archangel Michael in An Hour with an Angel this past Monday told Geoff: “The purpose of the 11/11 … is the installation, the expansion and the growth of love within the heart, the interconnection upon the grid.” (1)

He explained that the 11/11 portal was opened in 1992 but will now be flung open.

We’re to expect a tremendous expansion in “what we call the connectedness in love, in open-heartedness amongst the human beings, whether they are angels or hybrids, starseeds or Earth-keepers. So there is an intensification and a deep personal anchoring and expansion of that feeling of love.” (2)

He tells us that “it is a very important date, both 11/11 and 12/12 — and you know the divine plan and blueprint does not always go according to dates. But these are human reference points that we say to you are important.” (3)

And he suggests that “they are important to mark with occasion, with ceremony, with meditation and prayer.” (4)

He advises us to “think of 11/11 as a declaration of universal peace.”

“Can you imagine — and I invite you to do so — that this is the day that all nations, all beings, from the depth of their core, have the … golden-blue opportunity to not only choose peace within, but also to choose peace without — all over the planet, every nation, every leader, every schoolchild.


“So this does not simply mean the fulfillment of my strategic peace initiative; it is the fulfillment of your strategic peace initiative as well. It is not simply about the ending of wars or civil unrest, the slaughter in Syria; it is about the end of gang wars. It is about the end of family violence. It is about the end of torture. It is about recognizing the importance of peace. That is what this day and this portal… that will knock some human beings quite literally on their heels.

“So what we would also recommend is that you plan events, that you plan unifying events related to love and peace for this day, to declare this on behalf of yourselves and your brothers and sisters of Earth.” (5)

Last year, on the 11/11/11, there was tremendous deflation when events did not go as was expected. Archangel Michael adds in this message:

“Now, I am telling you this not because we want to create a plethora of false expectations; we are telling you of energetically what is occurring so that you can fully participate in this magnificent unfoldment of the Mother’s plan.

“It is important for me to explain the significance of both these upcoming widening of the portals so that you can prepare and joyously partake of the energies that are flooding each of you and your planet.” (6)

I personally don’t know if there will be a noticeable raising of the love quotient on 11/11 tomorrow or whether it starts a cycle of rising love and nothing might be felt on that particular day. We’ll have to see. Continue reading »

Bella Capozzi: Archangel Indriel – Peace, Love and the 11-11

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Nov 102012

As channeled by Bella Capozzi, November 7, 2012

Dear Souls, it is I, Indriel. I am your dear friend and protector, and I am most honored to have had the pleasure of guiding you thus far, along your road to Ascension. I love each and every one of you unabashedly and beyond measure.

Together with the whole of the Angelic Realms, I am filled to overflowing with joy at your unparalleled successes and we are quite beside ourselves; enthralled, victorious, as another threshold has been crossed.
Indeed, with the re-election of one of your own – a fellow Light Warrior – to the office of President of the United States, you have made a statement and set a precedent. You have joined as one to show the world that the Light cannot be extinguished. It cannot be dimmed. It only grows brighter and spreads farther.

So, take this as a sign that the American people are waking up and humanity cannot be fooled any longer. Regardless of where you reside on the planet, this is a significant event for you. It is the tangible proof which you have been asking for, proof that progress is being made.

So now, it is on to the next phase. The 11-11 is just around the corner and for those who are only now coming into awareness, it shall herald the onset of a most miraculous and mind-boggling series of awakenings. Dear Warriors, it is now that the truly exciting work begins! For you it shall be a lightening, a well deserved relief, both energetically and physically. Continue reading »

Archangel Indriel. ~ Remain Centered In Your Heart

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Oct 062012

 ~ By, Bella Capozzi
Dearest Children of the Light, I am Indriel, beloved compatriot and guiding presence. You are so loved, and it is of this I choose to remind you. I seek this fine day to commend you on the work you have done thus far. I know you have not had an easy go of it, not by any stretch of the imagination. Yet here you are still. You continue, onward and upwards. There have been innumerable stumbling-blocks along the way, yet never have you once allowed yourself to be dissuaded. You sometimes falter and there are times you question both yourself and your mission. Of course you do! It is quite natural, and it is just as natural for you to quickly recover yourselves and soldier on. No matter how rough the journey has been and regardless of the depth of challenge that awaits you in the days to come-know that it is not in you to quit. You are the forerunners of a brand new society, a brand new race in a sparkling new land. You are leading the way for the occupants of that new society to evolve and find their way home. Most amazingly, you operate without open access to your true abilities and tools, and are blazing that trail without the benefit of maps or clearcut directions. Do you understand now how perfectly magnificent you are?

The progress you have made so far exceeds all of our hopes and expectations. We, your Angelic Teams, wish for you to know how truly honored and deeply touched we are by your patience and willingness to seek out and accept our loving guidance. Our hearts are warmed by your readiness to accept us into your lives. Someday soon you shall remember the close relationship we share. Thus, it is crucial, now more than ever, that you cultivate a loving, trusting and open heart. The heart is the operating system through which all things function in the higher realms. You have not much time left in 3rd density, and that is the only paradigm whose occupants follow the dictates of linear, ego-based thinking. The heart is not only just a storehouse of emotion. It is capable of not only feeling love, but of discernment, wise choice, the taking in of knowledge, and of unobstructed communication and thought. When you are centered in your heart and conduct yourself from this point, much like a type of inner home-base, you can relax and trust implicitly that the actions you are taking are the right ones. When you are living in your heartspace and operating therefrom, you shall find yourself devoid of anxiety, judgement, pain, dramatics and conflicting negative emotion. Continue reading »